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On January 16, 2012, it was formally launched as UNTV Radio La Verdad 1350 k Hz along with the UNTV Mobile Radio booth, a first in Philippine radio history.

It operates in Mega Manila with a 10,000 watts output.

In February 1983, the program was aired for the first time in television through IBC Channel 13.

In 1997, the program moved to RJTV Channel 29, government-owned PTV-4 and later in SBN 21.

It is popularly known in the Philippines as Ang Dating Daan (ADD) (English: The Old Path), the title of its flagship radio and television program and currently the longest-running religious program in the Philippines with Eliseo Soriano (also known as "Bro.

Eli") as the program's main host and the "Overall Servant" (Former title: "Presiding Minister") to MCGI.

To further boost viewership, the church acquired a 30-minute slot in Fox Channel which can be seen in over 50 cable networks in Central and South America.The group also conducts regular Bible Expositions aired live via satellite in all MCGI local congregations and through the "MCGI Broadcast" mobile app.Soriano started his nightly town-to-town preaching in the 1970s but eventually realized that his lifetime is not enough to reach the entire Philippines.In January 2017, the station changed its branding to simply Radyo La Verdad 1350 k Hz.In December 2009, the church's own religious channel TV Verdade (English: Truth TV) was launched in Brazil, airing O Caminho Antiguo in Portuguese via satellite.

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